Brandon Justice Linton, better known as “B Justice” is a Milwaukee rapper who has, almost single-handedly managed to win over various fans across the nation.  Learning at a very early age that he lacked the ability to “carry a note,” he found his real talent in elementary school from the responses he got from his schoolmates when he rapped lyrics to LL Cool J songs. Motivated by their amazement, he began writing his own rap lyrics. Inspired by the trail-blazing Timbaland, Magoo, and Missy Elliot, and the inimitable rap content of Jay-Z and Fabolous, B Justice has developed his own sound.  

    To add to his unique sound, B Justice has also started a movement called Scholar Life that is also supported by his clothing label, Scholar Life Apparel”, and is also the driving force of his mixtapes. The movement was inspired by his personal ambition and philosophy of life.  He believes a “Scholar Life” is accomplished when one can make a living doing something they love and have perfected. As his artistic approach has evolved, the scholar in him has emerged, bringing about specific intended goals to reach his audience in a way that they leave feeling empowered, and motivated to be scholars in their own right, and that they continue to support him throughout his Scholar Life.
    To date, B Justice has funded the recording and release of three mix tapes, “Immortal", “Scholar Life”, and “Scholar Life 2. This past year, his passion for music; coupled with his undeniable talent, has landed him the opportunity to get features from national recording artist Jacob Latimore & Rico Love. In the near future he plans on touring and putting himself in front of many more potential members of the Scholar Life Movement.

    Through his skillful approach to life, he hustled his way from the rough streets of Milwaukee to performing in front of thousands. His charismatic stage presence resonates with fans and leaves spectators in awe of his unforgettable show.

"Mixing creativity with intelligence is his trademark and gives his songs more meaning than what just scrapes the surface." - Scooby Wilson (@mcscoobins)


Written by "Words by T Cam"

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